Travel Challenge: Flowers in a Lotus Garden

Lotus Awakening

Out of dark, dank, dreary mud blooms one of the most perfect flowers, the lotus.

Open Lotus~ Self Aware

The flower rises above the murk to reach the sunlight. In Buddhism the lotus symbolizes how people must rise above the darkness to achieve enlightenment.  This simple flower appears to represents life’s journey through each stage of bloom with the bud signifying a change in ideas and the fully bloomed flower showing full self-awareness.

Lotus Bud~ New Idea

The lotus flower has been revered throughout history by many cultures such as Egyptian, Indian and numerous Asian cultures. The significance of the lotus varies from enlightenment, purity, wealth, perfection, fertility, beauty and rebirth. Regardless of the meaning attached to it, it is impossible not to see the beauty of the flower and to breath in its heavenly scent. Everyone must break free from the mud or difficulties in life and strive to become their best.

New Beginnings

A Garden of Inspiration