Remember When…

Remember when you were 18?  What was on your I-Pod?  OOPPS I guess I am too old to have even imagined an I-Pod when I was 18!  MTV was getting popular, tape cassettes were in, and music was, well…It was so long ago I can barely remember it!!!  I had to look it up! A friend challenged me to go to and look up the year I was 18 and think of how I felt about the songs….. 

Here is the year 1983 and the top chart busters for that year.  My responses are under the song titles and artists’ names. 

December 18, 1982 – January 14, 1983: Maneater – Hall & Oates

Hate them and hate the song.  Did people seriously listen to this junk?


January 15 – February 11: Down Under – Men at Work

I can’t remember this song too much from back then but now every day Tammy sings, “I met a man from
Brussels. He was six foot four and full of muscles!” She is dreaming about moving toBelgium in 3 weeks!


February 12 – February 18: Africa – Toto

Sappy and crappy!!


February 19 – March 4: Baby, Come To Me – Patti Austin featuring James Ingram

Barf city!  You can’t be serious!


March 5 – April 22: Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

Wow! He was even black and had a nose back then. (Can I say that?) I could never figure out the words to that song!  I guess it is a good thing that there is now.  Only I don’t give enough of a sh*# to go and look it up!


April 23 – April 29: Come On Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners

My god, how did we dance to this crap?  Now I am getting mad that we got so ripped off in the music department!


April 30 – May 20: Beat It – Michael Jackson

I can remember when this video came out.  Cool outfit!  J

May 21 – May 27: Let’s Dance – David Bowie                                                                              Now, here is a good song!  “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues!” 

May 28 – July 8: Flashdance… What A Feeling – Irene Cara

What the F*$#!  This could not have possibly made it to the top of the charts!

Where was I this year? Mars?


July 9 – September 2: Every Breath You Take – The Police

Great tune!  I can remember driving in Peyman’s car around
Manama, Bahrain with this song!


September 3 – September 9: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Eurythmics I remember this one too.  I can picture dancing with Robin and Diane in 12th grade.


September 24 – September 30: Tell Her About It – Billy Joel

MTV was getting big then.  Never did like this one!



October 1 – October 28: Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

Hey, Noreen! Remember that weirdo guy who wrote you the lyrics to this song and sent you roses?  Wonder what he is doing?  What was his name?


October 29 – November 11:
Islands In the Stream – Kenny Rogers with Dolly Parton

I refuse to even justify a response to this one!


November 12 – December 9: All Night Long (All Night) – Lionel Richie

Peyman’s car too!


December 10, 1983 – January 20, 1984: Say Say Say – Paul McCartney featuring Michael Jackson

Don’t know it and don’t care!

Okay I am really upset now!  Thanks, Kim!  What a year of ridiculous crap!  Thank god I was not in the USA for most of the year and I didn’t have to be subjected to this too much!  I have to admit that first year of college I can remember some good tunes!  Diane, Noreen and Becky, remember dancing to Madonna before we went out every weekend (okay, every night!)  Yes, she was new and hip!  Can you remember hanging out the window of our dorm screaming, “Hotel California” at the top of our lungs?  Hey, Lori, remember “Safety Dance!”  I am dying laughing just thinking of it right now!  What was the name of that Fraternity?  Big hair, sappy music and lots of beer.  I guess it wasn’t such a bad combination.  Personally, I really like today’s music much better! 

What year were you 18?  How did you feel when you looked at the music of your prime?  I challenge you.  Go to and take a trip down memory lane. J


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