The Adventures of an American Global Nomad, Anni…

The memory is so vivid today… The day began as any other mundane 24 hours for a young American pre-teen.  After dining in a French restaurant with her parents, her life had changed forever!            

She had grown up in a small town, sheltered and secure in the knowledge that life was as it had always been.  She was carefree and roamed her small neighborhood with the friends she had known for as long as her young mind could remember.  She attended the small school with those same friends, took bikes rides to McDonald’s and Dairy Queen, hung out at the shopping center “downtown.”  She was a Girl Scout and a tomboy and loved to be outside. 

Her family vacations had consisted of camping in New England and Canada and long car rides to visit family in PA and the NJ Shore.  A few summers ago, her family took the required American family trip to Disney World! There were only four weeks of eighth grade left and she was looking forward to going to high school the next year and becoming “a woman.” Life was perfect!       

At the French restraunt, her parents told their four children that they would travel to England and France that summer!  She was ecstatic!  Her mind began to swim with the visions she would witness in Europe.  Euphoria turned to shock when she heard that their trip wouldn’t end there.  The family would travel on to the Middle East and live in some country named, Kuwait for a year.                

So ended the life of Annie and began the life of Global Anni.              

That was 28 years ago and at the age of 42 I find myself completely and utterly unable to shake the bug that my parents planted into my impressionable 12 year old mind.  I lived in Kuwait and Bahrain as a child and returned to Bahrain as an adult and a flight attendant. I have traveled to 45 countries so far, which is 20% of the world.   I am currently married and have relocated my husband, Brian and our two children, Max and Devon to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to teach in an international school.  In the three years since my family has left the USA, we have been to 14 countries.  We are all enjoying the ”expat” life!             

I plan to use this site to document some of my new adventures with my husband and children, who are now “third culture kids,” and to reflect on some past adventures of the global nomad, Anni!  I hope you enjoy the trip!


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  1. May 2, 2007 at 5:07 am


    I love that you have been bit by the blogging bug. Your writing style is witty, intelligent, and full of energy… just like you! (man, is that a teacher comment or what?!) The thing I like best about blogging, and reading other’s blogs, is that it is like having a window into that person’s mind. Thanks for letting me peek into your head too 😉

    You so rock sista-friend!

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